If your standards are to house instruments such as individual solenoids, smart solenoid valve manifolds or transmitters in instrument cabinets complete with pneumatic manifolds, we can supply pneumatic / instrumentation panels to suit your needs. We have fabricated pneumatic panels for a multitude of applications.

Our normal delivery is to supply stainless steel or fiberglass NEMA 4x panels and stainless steel tubing. Panels can be equipped with:

  • pneumatic supply headers including manual shut-off valves, filter (complete with isolation and bypass valves if required), regulator and supply header blowdown
  • Internal multiport manifold with individual port isolation valves and manifold blowdown
  • Ports from the manifold tubed to individual solenoids within the cabinet and solenoid valve outputs routed to bulkheads for field tubing terminations for on / off valves or then ports from the manifolds tubed to bulkheads for control valve field tubing terminations
  • Breather vents to prevent cabinet pressurization
  • Smart valve manifolds
  • PLC or DCS I/O wired to internal devices or terminal blocks