From biomass boilers to oxy-fuel ore processing furnaces to municipal waste gasifiers; KMH Industries fabricates and supplies custom Burner Management System cabinets and hydrocarbon fuel trains. We specialize in supplying panels and equipment for new installations, upgrades or for fuel conversions which are required to meet current safety standards and Jurisdictional Authority approvals, for example the TSSA Field Approval in Ontario.

Whether the systems are triple redundant or simplex (complying with IEC 65108) we have experience in detailing and fabricating the panels.

For fuel trains we can supply a complete fabricated fuel train with isolation valves, vent valves, pressure switches, flow control valves, flow, pressure and temperature transmitters, gauges, appropriate test points etc. complying to the requirements of the CSA and NFPA.

We have experience with a wide range of combustion equipment from small gas-fired process furnaces to pulverized fuel utility boilers with heat inputs greater than 1 Billion btu/hr, including:

  • Black Liquor Recovery Boilers
  • Stoker Fired Biomass Boilers
  • Pulverized Biomass Boilers & Combustors
  • Pulverized Coal Boilers
  • Pulp & Paper Waste Stream Incineration (NCG, SOG)
  • Lime Kilns
  • Blast Furnace Gas and Coke Oven Gas Fired Boilers
  • Natural Gas Fired Flare Stacks
  • Oxygen-Fuel Ore Concentrate Flash Furnaces
  • Metal Processing Converters & Mutli Purpose Vessels
  • Heat Treating Furnaces
  • Natural Gas Fired Paper Machine Dryers
  • Mine Heaters
  • Municipal Waste Gasifiers
  • Systems using Pulse Detonation Technology