KMH has fully developed a fuel inventory, monitoring and control system, trademarked FuelSTAR, to fill a market need for a cost effective fuel management system that is both operator friendly and reliable.  In many remote Northern Communities having a reliable and effective fuel supply is an integral part of community life. FuelSTAR has been used in Diesel Power Generation, Fuel Farms, Heating Fuel supply and distribution, and Fuel Dispensing Units.

FuelSTAR is a PLC based continuous fuel management system that has the capability of monitoring up to 25 aboveground fuel storage tanks. FuelSTAR displays a complete and accurate graphical representation of the entire fuel system status via a Touch Panel HMI (Human Machine Interface) in addition to controlling the system operation through the use of field mounted control panels.

The unique features that come standard to the FuelSTAR system are:

  • Remote Monitoring of both the HMI and PLC via the Internet or dialup modem
  • Reduces troubleshooting and maintenance costs associated with travelling to remote locations
  • 24VDC or 120VAC I/O to suit customers’ needs.
  • Automatic or manual pump & valve controls.
  • Integrated UPS.
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Optional controls located at day tanks.
  • Integrated or separate pump starters
  • Alarm Logging page displaying the last date and time an alarm occurred.
  • Directs operator immediately to the source of the alarm
  • Troubleshooting available onsite or remotely through internet or dialup modem.
  • Complete Operation and Maintenance Manual.
  • Onsite training for operators during commissioning.

With the addition of continuous level sensors in each of the tanks:

  • Level Monitoring of all tanks (both Day Tanks & Main Tanks), displaying the levels in actual litres and percentage.
  • Eliminates errors from miscalculation of tank levels
  • Fuel Inventory Page displaying the total fuel inventory present on site.
  • Allows the scheduling of fuel deliveries in advance, capitalizing on getting the most out of costly fuel delivery charges.
  • Level Logging of all tanks (both Day Tanks & Main Tanks), Date and Time stamped tank fill records stored in PLC memory (.csv file format).
  • Ensures operator accountability that tanks are filled as scheduled

Each FuelSTAR system is custom built to site-specific functionality and delivered with a site-specific wiring schematic as well as the hardware necessary to allow remote monitoring and support.  All FuelSTAR systems are fully tested for internal panel wiring and are CSA certified prior to shipment.